I am an enormous music lover and I know that you probably are one as well. I mean, that’s why you came across this post, right? I like listening to a range of music and I’d like to pride myself in finding and listening to some great artist and songs.

Since music is considered to be a universal language, I can’t help but agree on it. Because I’ve listened to French, Spanish and Korean music, and let me tell you, they all sound wonderful to me, no matter what language they’re in. I’d like to think that we can all appreciate this certain language, this wonderful art that has been bestowed upon us by the heavens.

I’ve actually been on WordPress for a good five or six years and I haven’t been using the platform much, honestly. But hey, better late than never right? So, I’m restarting this blog in hopes of sharing some good music and in turn, getting some good suggestions from you as well. My playlist can range from classical, indie, alternative, folk and even k-pop. Yes, you heard me! K-pop is definitely included. (K-pop trash, anyone?)

I can post playlists two or three times in a week– depending on what I can listen to and whatever mood I’m into. As I said, suggestions and recommendations can be a great help!

So if ever you listen to something that you think is worth a listen, suggest it and I can collate your suggestions and make a playlist out of it as well!


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