one: the cool club

playlist one: the cool club (i)

My playlists can have interesting names so please do bear with me. Like I’ve said, the genre of my playlists can range from classical to k-pop. So for my first playlist, I’d like to share with you this one! Since this playlist will probably have more than one, I’ll turn it into a series type of thing. I’ll be posting twenty (20) songs for each playlist.

This is inspired by the cool kids who have great taste in music.

    1. Lifted Up (1985) by Passion Pit
    2. Closer by Lemaitre, Jennie A.
    3. Young & Stupid by Travis Mills, T.I.
    4. Swim by Fickle Friends
    5. Could Be Wrong by Fickle Friends
    6. Say No More by Fickle Friends
    7. Fast Car by Jonas Blue, Dakota
    8. The Sound by The 1975
    9. ILYSB by LANY
    10. What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club
    11. Drive by Oh Wonder
    12. Electric Love by BORNS
    13. Portland, Maine by Donovan Woods
    14. Give It All Up by SRNO, Gia Koka
    15. Closer by Emma Jensen
    16. Calling by Ukiyo, Your Girl Pho
    17. Compliments by Mesita
    18. See You Later by The Violet, Van Ward
    19. Fahrenheit by XY&O
    20. Stop For Nothing by courtship.

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